If you haven't previously considered HTML5 as a desktop technology, it's time to rethink your strategy. 

This white paper looks at the continued growth of HTML5 and how it is now a viable solution for desktop application development. This paper looks at how the deeply collaborative nature of HTML5 has been the key to its success, with the collective might of numerous enterprises, companies and individuals creating a powerful ecosystem without competition.

What's in the Whitepaper: 
  • A brief history of 'app' development
  • The tech giants investing significantly in HTML5 
  • The benefits of collective innovation in HTML5
  • How HTML5 can be used on the desktop
"We are fully committed to HTML5 across both our web and desktop applications at Saxo Bank. We believe it's not just the best option; it's the only option"

Arne Henningsen, Head of IT FX & B2B, Saxo Bank